Minchin Moore exists to help successful people make sensible, well thought out decisions about their money.

By providing you with the key background information coupled with our many years of financial wisdom and expertise, we enhance the many financial decisions you need to make through life’s journey. Through this process we strive to bring greater affluence, certainty, and security to your life.

At a business level, we are striving to create Australia’s preeminent, modern financial services firm.


Quality advice means
no more second guessing

Minchin Moore is wholly owned by its Partners and holds its own Australian Financial Services License. We have no ties to big banks, insurance companies or other product manufacturers.

Our advisers are remunerated based on the quality of advice they provide and the level of custom they enjoy with their clients. They do not receive any incentives or commissions from product providers.

This means when you deal with a Minchin Moore adviser, you don’t need to second guess whether your adviser has a hidden agenda. Their only focus is ‘you’ and ensuring you receive the very best advice.

The highest
standard of advice

FPA Professional Practice

All our Principal Advisers are degree qualified with post graduate qualifications in financial planning and each of them have either attained or are studying toward their Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualification – the highest qualification afforded in our industry. Today, five out of our six Principal Advisors are CFPs.

At the epicentre of our corporate culture is a determination to foster a climate of personal and professional development. To create a firm with the highest professional standards.

Our apprenticeship model ensures our Associate Advisers work under the tutelage of our Principal Advisers and furthermore, every piece of advice we produce is peer reviewed internally to further foster learning and ensure the highest quality of advice is delivered.

On a daily basis we monitor the market, economic and political landscape to ensure we are well positioned to provide the most current and prudent advice to you.


A scientific
approach to investing

In the past, investment portfolios were built around one or two asset classes, some tall stories and a series of illusive forecasts. The returns these portfolios delivered were highly subject to ‘chance’, and their basis of construction simply wouldn’t pass muster today.

The world has moved on. Now with ‘big data’ it has become possible to take a much more scientific approach to investing. This in turn has permitted significant advancements in the field of finance. These advancements allow investors to construct investment portfolios with more certain outcomes and superior risk and return characteristics.

Our Investment Committee works hard to embody these advancements into our investment approach. The rationale behind every facet of our portfolios is based on evidence and academic rigor. The result is modern, low cost, highly diversified portfolios that provide our clients with the greatest chance of meeting their longer term investment objectives.

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