Position: Adviser (Sydney)

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As an Adviser of Minchin Moore, you will be given the responsibility of looking after an allocated number of clients in the capacity of both Lead Adviser for some clients and Support Adviser for other clients.

The ratio of Lead to Support adviser roles in your designated client book will likely change over time as you cultivate more new clients of your own.

The primary functions of each of the Lead and Support roles are outlined below:

Lead Adviser

  • Has primary responsibility for maintaining the client relationship with the business.
  • Is required to carefully and methodically identify each client’s individual needs and goals. Then, once these needs and goals are identified, is required to ensure that these objectives are addressed through our ongoing advice and services (or the services of third parties such as accountants, lawyers, mortgage brokers, etc).
  • Is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the business’ advice and services are delivered in a compliant and professional manner on an ongoing basis.

Support Adviser

  • Works jointly with the lead adviser to develop client strategy and advice based on each client’s individual objectives.
  • Has primary responsibility for writing up client advice in the form of a statement of advice.
  • Has primary responsibility for ensuring that the client’s strategy (as agreed by the client) is implemented in full and in a timely manner. This may include estate planning documents, super rollovers, life insurance applications, investment portfolios, regular investment plans, etc.
  • Has primary responsibility for coordinating the client review program. That is, ensuring designated meetings such as ‘half year review meetings’ and ‘annual strategic review meetings’ occur on time.
  • Has primary carriage of the client file. That is, ensuring that all communication, advice, client details (fact find) etc is properly recorded and that these records are easily accessible and saved in the designated repositories (ie XPLAN and SharePoint).

Being a key part of the advice process, the Senior Adviser will attend initial and review meetings with clients. Where you are the Lead adviser, you may be required at times to conduct these meetings on your own with the client.

As a senior member of the team, you will also assist with providing training, coaching and mentoring to Associate Advisers within the business.

The Senior Adviser will report directly to the Partner.

Primary Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Senior Adviser include but are not limited to:

  • Developing a rapport and close working relationship with his/her own book of clients.
  • Developing (sometimes complex) strategies for new and existing clients and being able to communicate these strategies effectively to clients.
  • Ensuring the advice that is delivered to clients is appropriate and compliant.
  • Having a detailed working knowledge and understanding of Minchin Moore’s client service offering, value proposition and investment philosophy.
  • Managing the process of implementing the advice outlined in the SoAs and delivering the client’s review program in a timely manner. Where you are the Support Adviser, this may include the preparation of SoAs, application forms, redemption/rollover forms, liaising with clients to ensure paperwork is signed and returned, liaising with clients through the insurance underwriting process, etc.
  • Peer reviewing SoAs as required to ensure quality and compliance within the practice.
  • Providing training, coaching and mentoring to Associate Advisers where required.
  • Ensuring that all elements of the advice process are conducted in an ethical and compliant manner, in accordance with Minchin Moore policy, and the law.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Ability to positively influence clients and enhance their decision making.
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge in the fields of financial planning and financial markets.  Ability to develop rapport with and trust of one’s clients.
  • Ensure that documents and advice produced are high quality, accurate and compliant.
  • Ensure all facets of the advice process are conducted in a compliant and timely manner.
  • Undertaking all tasks in accordance with policy, practises and procedures.