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How we invest
How We Invest

The way we work has shaped our success and strong relationships with our clients.

An evidence-based approach to advice

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You may have heard of “evidence-based medicine,” the notion that medical decisions should be based on clinical research and evidence. This standard of care is key in a profession fraught with risk.

Like medicine, financial advice is a complex business that is similarly hazardous. The typical investor’s journey is spotted with potholes and plagued with changing weather. The rewards of safe navigation are considerable, while the cost of misstep is high.

As with Medicine, in this modern era experience and judgement alone are not enough to demonstrate best practice. Today’s financial adviser needs to offer a higher standard of care in evidence – including data, analysis and fact-based insight.

This approach involves continuous, self-directed learning and detailed research in order to provide clients with practical financial solutions that have a demonstrated ability to work in the real world and over the long-haul.

“A good portfolio is more than a long list of good stocks and bonds. It is a balanced whole, providing the investor with protections and opportunities with respect to a wide range of contingencies.”

Harry Markowitz

Putting financial science to work

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In the past, many investment portfolios were built around one or two asset classes, some promising “stock stories” and a series of illusive forecasts. The returns these portfolios delivered were disparate and highly subject to ‘chance’.

The world has moved on. In this modern age it is possible to take a much more scientific approach to investing.

Data storage and computing power have facilitated significant advancements in the fields of finance and portfolio theory. These headways make it possible for investors to construct portfolios with more certain outcomes and superior risk and return characteristics.

Our Investment Committee works relentlessly to embody these academic improvements into each individually managed portfolio under our supervision. A clear rationale sits behind every dimension of portfolios, based on evidence and academic rigor. The result is contemporary, low cost, highly diversified portfolios which provide our clients with the greatest chance of meeting their longer-term investment objectives.

Reflecting your values and beliefs in your investment approach

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With a growing awareness of the environmental and social challenges facing our global community, you may be looking for ways to better align your investment portfolio with your own values. Creating this alignment involves developing an investment program that looks beyond traditional economic factors to the environmental and societal impacts.

At Minchin Moore we are passionate about sustainable investing and we can work with you to develop an investment program that allows you to feel ethically content, while remaining confident in your portfolio’s ability to generate superior risk adjusted returns.

Our approach goes beyond the typical “negative screening” technique of excluding a short list of sensitive industries. Rather we look to actively identify and “overweight” investments that are scoring well in terms of their alignment with your values. These are investments which display greater potential for positive societal and/or environmental impacts.

The techniques used won’t compromise the evidence-based principles of investment for which we are renowned. Each investment continues to be evaluated carefully and approached with the same analytical rigor as any other investment to identify suitable opportunities that aim to deliver impact as well as performance.

Investment committee

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Our investment committee collectively have over 100 years of practical experience with capital markets and portfolio management. Collectively they are the custodians of our investment process and philosophy.

Andrew Marchant Chairman

BCom, GDipFP, GDipApFin

Andrew’s professional investment experience spans 23yrs and includes senior investment roles with some of Australia’s leading fund managers and private banks. Andrew was specifically recruited in 2018 to take custody of our investment process and Chair our Investment Committee. Andrew’s appointment as a dedicated CIO, a first for Minchin Moore, signifies our growth and our ongoing commitment to upholding investment excellence.

Mark Minchin

BCom, GDipFP, GDipApFin, CFP

Mark’s professional investment experience spans 24yrs and includes time with leading fund managers and investment banks. With a deep knowledge of economics and capital markets coupled with an academic mindset, Mark was one of the chief architects of Minchin Moore’s investment philosophy.

Tom Jeffries

BCom, DipFP, GDip ApFin, CFP

Tom’s professional investment experience spans 14 years and includes time with some of Australia’s leading fund managers prior to him joining Minchin Moore in 2011. Tom has many years of practical experience building fit-for-purpose, bespoke portfolios for private clients. A former Chair of Minchin Moore’s Investment Committee, Tom has played a pivotal role in the design and maintenance of our philosophy and approach.

Charlie Perkins

BBus, GDipAppFin, DFS, F Fin

Charlie’s professional investment experience spans 22yrs and includes time at leading investment banks in Sydney and London as well as several years running his own private portfolio management business. Charlie joined Minchin Moore in 2016 and has been a key member of our Investment Committee ever since. Charlie brings a deep knowledge of investment markets, international experience and a highly analytical mind to our committee.

Angus Warden

BAgrEc, GDipFinPlanning, GDipAppFin, F Fin, SSA, CFP

Angus’s professional investment experience spans 24yrs and includes time with leading fund managers and banks prior to him joining Minchin Moore in 2015. A key member of our investment committee Angus has a deep and practical knowledge of portfolio management and brings a highly pragmatic ‘perspective from the bush’ to our Investment Committee.

Nick Mundy

BSportsMgmt, AdvDipFP, GDipApFin, CFP

Nick’s professional investment experience spans 14 years and includes time with some of Australia’s leading financial institutions prior to him joining Minchin Moore in 2011. Always deeply focussed on the individual needs and perspectives of our clients, Nick brings a fresh perspective and way of thinking to our Investment Committee.