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The Perils of Individual Stock Picking

Selecting and buying individual stocks offers both the hope of great returns (you might find the next CSL or Apple) and the potential for disastrous results (ending up with Babcock and Brown or Centro Properties Group). In this white paper, Mark looks at the odds of success investors face when attempting [Read More]

September 01, 2017

Speculator or Investor?

Most of the people who come to us for advice consider themselves investors, not speculators. The difference is of course open to interpretation and worth exploring. The dictionary defines speculation as “the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence”. Sound familiar? This is indeed how many investors commonly [Read More]

October 06, 2016

The Nobility of Paying Taxes

I could be on shaky ground from the outset with an article with a title like this. After all, Minchin Moore is an advice business whose clients rely on us to ensure they don’t pay too much tax. And that’s precisely what we do, we optimally structure their affairs for [Read More]

September 28, 2016


In the realm of politics, short-termism is a constant. To start with our terms of government are too short, and our politicians seem to increasingly make decisions based on current polling. Surely their elected role is to broadly consider the best long term strategic options for the country and then [Read More]

June 22, 2016

Make sure you have a process for dealing with volatility

At Minchin Moore we take the novel approach of focussing our time and attention on the things we can actually control, whilst remaining cognisant of the things that we can’t. Some key elements here are:   Questions we can’t confidently answer (the ridiculous list): Will markets go up or down? Is [Read More]

January 14, 2016

Resisting Temptation

Many people don’t appreciate it, but an entire industry is built around getting you to trade stocks. The earnings season just provides another trigger for people to click the ticket on your activity.     This short video describes the benefits of doing nothing, beyond your regular rebalancing.

March 04, 2015

What does the bursting of a “Bond Bubble” look like?

A lot has been made about the potential for a “bond bubble” following several successive years of interest rate falls and with interest rates now at historic lows virtually all around the world. Even though rates are down again this year, investors have been worried for some years about what may happen when rates do [Read More]

March 03, 2015

What is a safe level of drawdown in retirement?

A burning question many retirees have when they cease work and start drawing down on their retirement capital is: “How much can I safely draw each year while ensuring that my retirement capital won’t run out before I do?” In March 2014 Finsia published the first Australian study into exactly [Read More]

March 03, 2015

Avoiding herd mentality

What feels safe is often risky, and what feels risky is often safe. This statement contradicts just about every evolutionary instinct we possess. We tend to seek out safety and avoid risk whenever possible. A classic example has to be the instinct that (still) tells us we are safer staying [Read More]

February 02, 2015

Bonds will lose if rates rise… won’t they?

In Australia, like in other young countries such as Canada and New Zealand, we have had a long love affair with equities. Indeed, Australia has had one of the best performing stock markets in the World over the past hundred years. This has led us to be equities centric, and [Read More]

October 12, 2014
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