Why Minchin Moore?

Our vision at Minchin Moore is simple: To be the most trusted, advice practice in Australia.

To realise this vision, we sought a new direction: to create a truly professional financial advice firm. One that is wholly owned by its Partners and whose sole focus would be delivering excellence in advice and support services that aim to make the administration of your financial affairs easier.

Mark Minchin  Managing Partner

Put simply: we exist today to help successful individuals, families, foundations and ‘for purpose’ institutions make sensible, well thought out decisions about their money.
An Unbiased Perspective.

Our investment recommendations are based solely on what we believe will best meet your particular goals. We do not receive compensation from external manager fees, product recommendations, or other sources that might conflict with our clients’ interests.

So, when you evaluate the decisions that we make for your portfolio, you can be confident those decisions are motivated by just one thing: what we think will help optimise your long-term returns.

Ben Smythe Partner

The highest
standard of advice

At the epicentre of our corporate culture is a determination to foster a climate of personal and professional growth. To create a firm with the highest professional standards. Our apprenticeship model ensures our Associate Advisers work under the tutelage of our Partners and all advice we prepare is peer reviewed to further foster learning and ensure the highest standard of advice.

All our Lead Advisers are degree qualified with post graduate qualifications in financial advice and each of them have either attained or are studying toward their Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation – the highest qualification afforded in our industry. Today, Lead Advisers are CFP qualified.

Jenny Wong Partner

A hand-picked team

Everything around us is constantly changing – our industry, how it is regulated, the investment and political landscapes, and the ever-changing needs of our clients. To be the best at what we do we need a growth mindset coupled with an ability to evolve rapidly. And evolve we have.


Our human capital defines our business.

We are a Partnership style practice with a focus on a high performance, collaborative team culture. Having the right people is paramount. We would rather our business not grow at all than grow with the wrong people. We seek team members with a rare blend of technical aptitude, commercial savvy and emotional intelligence. People who have a genuine yearning to help others and make a difference.

Charlie Perkins Partner

Transforming lives
through financial science

Just like a personal philosophy can act as a moral compass, an investment philosophy can guide your decisions on how to invest.

Having a philosophy provides you with direction and protects you from the charlatans you will inevitably encounter on your investment journey.

Underneath all the portfolios we manage is one philosophy, based on an enduring belief in the power of markets. Rather than attempting to predict the future or outguess others, we draw information from the market itself – leveraging the collective knowledge of millions of buyers and sellers as they set security prices.

Trusting markets to do what they do best – drive information into prices – frees us to spend time where we believe we have an advantage, namely in how we interpret research, how we design and manage portfolios and how we service our clients.

Andrew Marchant Chief Investment Officer, Partner

Crafting portfolios that reflect your ethics and beliefs

We recognise that each of our clients is an individual, with their own objectives, values and beliefs. We seek to embody these unique sentiments into each client’s portfolio – while simultaneously ensuring that the most contemporary portfolio theory and process is applied to how the portfolio is managed.

Tom Jeffries Partner

Culture of Excellence

The difference with Minchin Moore is that each and every individual in the team genuinely believes in the firm’s academic blueprint and that they can make a genuine difference to their clients’ lives through the delivery of well thought out, quality advice.

No staff member is there to “toe the company line”. Each individual seeks to be a part of the team while also looking to grow themselves personally and professionally through continual improvement and study.

Cathryn Gross, Partner