December 22, 2020
Mark Minchin

Our Ten Year Journey

From the beginning, our strategy has been to build an independent, professional advice business, unlike anything that existed before. A business free from the conflicts of interest that have plagued our industry for decades. A business that puts its clients first and strives to deliver the highest standards of advice.

Ten years on, we are proud of what we have achieved. In many respects our model is simple – we exist to support our clients, each other and to grow – both professionally and personally.

The business continues to be wholly owned by the Partners who work within it, and we work toward the simple goal of making our clients lives easier, less stressful and more prosperous.

Although the model is straightforward, the subject matter of our work is inherently complex, and so we promote professionalism and continual learning among our team.

Our business has no sales staff, just financial technicians following one of two career pathways – financial advice (the Advice Team) OR investment management (the Portfolio Team).

Our twenty-one Advisers, virtually all have degrees and post graduate qualifications and now fifteen have received their Certified Financial Planner qualification (the profession’s highest qualification).

We have never advertised or engaged in any formal marketing strategy. We have grown our client base entirely through word of mouth, reputation, and referral.

Staff numbers have grown incrementally every year since this business began in 2010. Back then there was just one staff member (me), and now we have 31 staff including 9 Partners and around $1.3 billion of funds under advice.

With offices in NSW’s mid-West and New England regions, we are immensely proud of our strong links to Australian agriculture. This dimension adds significant strength to our business and is highly valued by our Team.

We have steadily grown our presence in the ‘For Purpose Institutions’ segment where we now provide investment and governance support to ten Boards.

New Independent Member of Investment Committee

A centrepoint of our business – our Investment Committee – has remained stable since 2012 and last month appointed its first independent, non-executive member – Dr Steve Garth. Steve brings a rare combination of abilities to our Team, including a 20-year funds management career and several academic degrees, including a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science Mathematics & Physics.  

With his strong academic background and approach, Steve is very well aligned with our investment philosophy and will strengthen the rigor we bring to decision making. Please learn more about Steve here: Meet Our People – Minchin Moore

With so much having changed around us in 2020, the world, the markets, our industry – we are proud of the steady progress we have made and the unchanging nature of our relationships with our clients.

Mind Your Negativity going into 2021

Some sentiments doing the rounds right now: The 4% rule (consuming 4% of your portfolio value each year) will never work anymore because bond yields are so low. Tech stocks are going to see a spectacular crash. The stock market is running on borrowed time. Valuations can’t go up forever. [Read More]

December 22, 2020