May 23, 2022
Robin Powell

Research shows that traders are prone to act like gamblers — Even the professionals

Robin Powell
Prof Richard Taffler – University of Warwick 

RP: Most people would agree that it’s not a good idea to gamble with your life savings. But, there’s a wealth of academic evidence to suggest that, to some extent, many people do just that. 

Professor Richard Taffler from the University of Warwick is an expert on this subject. He says traders and investors typically exhibit behavioural characteristics more commonly associated with gamblers.

Lessons from the Melissa Caddick Scandal

The story of a woman who stole some $30 million from friends and family while posing as a financial planner and then mysteriously disappeared is the subject of Australia’s most popular podcast. It is also an object lesson in what investors should look out for in spotting a fraud.

May 24, 2022