April 10, 2023
Dr Steve Garth

Quarterly Market Review for March 2023

This quarter has been dominated by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the ensuing banking crisis, set against a background of cooling inflation, continuing rate hikes, and the prospect of global recession in 2023.

Throughout the quarter the prevailing market mood has switched from “hard landing ahead” in the economy to “soft landing’” to “no landing” and then back to hard landing again when everything, everywhere came crashing down all at once when SVB collapsed. Yields are down, bonds are up, bank stocks are dazed and confused, and tech stocks flying high again.

Quarterly Market Wrap Q1 2023

Global stocks and bonds staged a sharp recovery in the first quarter as signs that inflation is moderating encouraged hopes that central banks will soon begin to wind down their year-long cycle of tightening monetary policy.

April 21, 2023